Gear Club Unlimited Full Car Roster Revealed For Nintendo Switch
Gear Club Unlimited

Eden Games and Microids’ upcoming racing title for the Nintendo Switch entitled Gear Club Unlimited is scheduled for release on December 1st. Ahead of the game’s launch the developers have been unveiling new features and content for the title, including gameplay trailers, cinematics, screenshots and just recently the full car roster.

The game sports a roster of 32 different cars from over 15 different car manufacturers. Without twaddling and wasting time, you can check out the full list of cars below.

They cover everything from American muscle to the Japanese rice rockets. The roster isn’t anywhere near as extensive as more established brands such as Project CARS, Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport, but I suppose everyone has to start somewhere.

The main concern with Gear Club Unlimited isn’t the lack of motor vehicles at the disposal of players, but something a bit closer to the nexus of contention with the game’s presence being made available on Nintendo’s newest console: it’s a mobile port.

Originally Eden Games plopped out Gear Club Unlimited on Android devices. Typically this has led gamers to feel as if the upcoming racer is little more than an Android port and feeds into fears that the Switch will be a playground for developers moving over low-tier cash shop bait.

Hopefully Eden Games and Microids can prove the naysayers wrong and the port to the Switch is actually a quality-made arcade racer. On the upside, the graphics don’t look that bad. They aren’t anything special but they’re decent enough… practically something you would expect from the PS3 or Xbox 360 era. If you were hoping for more then you’re fresh out of luck. If your expectations were aimed as low down as that of the PS2, then at least you might be pleasantly surprised that the game does look better than most PS2 titles.

We’ll have to wait until December 1st to see how well the game holds up on the Switch compared to its release on mobile phones.


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