God Of War To Make Big Changes To Upgrade Mechanics And More
(Last Updated On: September 14, 2017)

In a new interview that went down with Official PlayStation Magazine and God of War game director Corey Barlog, we learn some rather interesting and new stuff about Santa Monica Studio’s PS4 exclusive God of War, and what mechanics have changed in the upcoming iteration.

Catching wind from publication site GameRant, we learn that in issue #140 of the Official PlayStation Magazine, the game director complied to answer some questions about the upcoming title in the ongoing series of God of War games and noted some rather interesting stuff — almost borderline spoiler, though.

According to Barlog, the game’s upgrade path will be changed and will not be the same as earlier titles in the God of War series. The team wanted to leave behind the classic upgrade mechanic and the way players would go to a menu to pick an upgrade to “develop” Kratos, to instead replace it with something more intuitive.

The interview reveals that the team wanted players to have fun and participate in an upgrade system that is engaging and to “contextualize it more in the world,” creating a system that flows much better.

In addition, Brokk and Syndri (the ones behind Thor’s hammer) will be responsible for Kratos and Atreus’ upgrades. The two are said to be there to help you upgrade your gear and define combat skills through new moves and specials for the two protagonist.

According to GameRant, the following information about the pair and their importance to the game’s story lies below:

“The God of War game director reveals that the two dwarves “tie into the overarching theme” as they are in a “family feud.” Brokk and Sydri haven’t spoken to one another in 50 years and they just “complain about each other and blame each other for the loss their ‘talent’ and their abilities.””

Players will learn more about Brokk and Syndri by progressing through the game, however you can actually help change the arc for each of these characters, but no detailed specifics were given.

It’ll be interesting to see how God of War will be at release given its gameplay changes and mechanics departing from that of the older titles in the series. Additionally, we’ll find out sooner or later given that its 2018 release is approaching day by day, but until then you can catch more info by reading the full interview over on myfavouritemagazines.co.uk.

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