Harmful Opinions Permanently Banned From YouTube

Harmful Opinions Banned

Harmful Opinions’ main account has been permanently banned on YouTube following an account termination notice, which effectively shut down his account on September 2nd, 2017.

The news comes courtesy of a post over on his Facebook page, where he informed the community about it, and asked if Facebook or Twitch would be next, writing…

“Permabanned from YouTube as well now. Which will be next, Facebook or Twitch?”

The message on Facebook is accompanied by a image of the account’s termination.

If you attempt to visit the YouTube page, you’ll be greeted with the image above.

Many were left questioning exactly what caused the termination, and some on Kotaku In Action believe it was a targeted effort by those who despise Harmful Opinions. Others pointed out that he had recently made a video back in mid-August where he trolled a 10-year-old in Garry’s Mod, and so that could have been the cause of the account being terminated, especially in light of Google/YouTube’s new crackdown on “hate speech” and “supremacist” content.

This comes shortly after Harmful Opinions was permanently banned from Twitter back on August 22nd, 2017.

Richard Lewis, a popular e-sports reporter, commented that the “writing was on the wall” after Harmful Opinions did a series of exposés on the social media service Candid, which caught the ire of various popular media personalities. Lewis explained on Twitter

“There’s something really disturbing about what is happening with the content creator “Harmful Opinions.” First Twitter now YouTube banned. I never saw him do anything vaguely worthy of such bans, unless turning people’s own bigotry against them counts. The writing was on the wall for him after he exposed Candid. The fact he’s been targeted by big tech companies is horrifying.”

Harmful Opinions was most certainly one of the more recognized figures in the anti-SJW community, consistently reporting and exposing some of the more regressive tenets of the self-proclaimed “Progressive” Left.

If you would like to follow Harmful Opinions, you can still do so on Facebook and Twitch.