Heat Signature Guide: Beginner Tips For New Players

Are you new and need help with Suspicious Development’s Heat Signature? If so, this guide aims to help new players with Heat Signature’s learning curve and what it has to offer both on the surface and at its core.

Currently available for PC through Steam that officially launched on September 21st comes Heat Signature. The game is made by the same devs behind Gunpoint, but in this game you are tasked with a job to break into spaceships, get whatever it is that you need and find an efficient way out.

If you need extra help about tips and tricks, a guide by Steam user ChoGGi and JaxterSmith go over some useful things to remember.


For starters, the basic ideal when dealing with enemies is to single them out. If there’s a room full of enemies you don’t have to face them all, however you can pick them off one-by-one by finding a bottleneck area somewhere on a ship. It’s also worth noting that oftentimes when facing a group of enemies one or more will branch off from their group(s) and into a single file, use this opportunity to slowly dwindle their numbers down.


If you’re about to take up an assassination mission/target that is armored, you’ll likely find that the fight is no easy task. If you happen to lack grenades or you lack shields but don’t have a subverter or crasher, don’t worry. Upon shooting windows or fuel storage-cans will ultimately decompress the room and blow it up. This will cause enemies to slowly die due to the vastness of space now present, keep in mind, though, that even if they have a shield active they will eventually lose oxygen and slowly suffocate.

Quick Travel

There’s no better way to travel around a world or place than to quick travel. Keep in mind that at any time you are aboard a ship you can press the middle-mouse button (or whatever key you have assigned) on a room and the character you are assuming will auto-path there. This cuts out all manual hikes back to your ship when extracting a target and can be furthered in convenience up to six times speed.

Video Guide

A video guide by SeamusDonohueEVE teaching tips and tricks about the game lies below.

Heat Signature is out now for PC via Steam for $14.99. More information can be found over on spaceships.cool.


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