Hell Let Loose, FPS WW2 Multiplayer Game Bases Will Be Like RPG Villages

Hell Let Loose is Black Matter’s upcoming FPS WW2 multiplayer game that will be exclusive to PC. The game will have heavy amounts of gore and dismemberment, vehicles, weapon degradation and customization, and destructible environments. As of recent, the team broke radio silence and announced that each base on the battlefield will be like an RPG village.

Before detailing anything more about Hell Let Loose, the once revealed “Reveal Trailer” lies below for those who’ve missed out on the trailer’s debut and the tension the development team wants to capture.

Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, Black Matter made mention that Hell Let Loose will explore different theaters of WW2 that includes German, Japanese, Russian, British and U.S. campaigns. Each map in the game will be around 4km2 — recreated from archival satellite photography — accompanied by a battlefield sectioned into large capture sectors, allowing for emergent yet unique gameplay. Hell Let Loose pits two factions against each other in these big maps and sees 25 Vs 25 players in a fight to the death across fields, bridges, forests and towns.

The development team also noted that there will be supply lines, vehicles and spawn points that must be established by players to build up a proper garrison across the battlefield. Does all of that sound interesting? Well, the team wants to make starting bases that much more enticing compared to other games.

In addition to the above, main bases will be like RPG towns or villages in that you can interact with objects and see how things function, which is said to add texture and atmosphere to a base. Additionally, bases will play a large role in constructing strategies and unfurling deadly plans.

More information about this update can be found over on Hell Let Loose  Facebook page. Lastly, the team left us with three new screenshots showing the game’s bases ahead of a new gameplay trailer and its kickstarter campaign.

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