Hello Games Job Artists Listing Could Be For No Man’s Sky Or New Game

Hello Games is looking to hire more artists to increase team size and to do that a new job listing has been sent out to accumulate more heads for current and future games. It’s unclear at this point if these artists are for No Man’s Sky or for a new game?

That’s correct, Hello Games is looking for artists to help them out and expand the size of said team. A new job listing has been posted over on hellogames.org “jobs” portal that shows the following:

“Hello Games is pretty awesome. Here’s our ‘job description’: make fun games, drink tea, win awards and talk nonsense. You can have total creative freedom too, if you want.”

I think talking nonsense is something that should be avoided, but the team followed it up with this information:

“Are you a talented artist with a portfolio of very cool work that you have built up while working on other games, now looking for somewhere new to spread your wings and continue to build your skills? Or perhaps you’re a talented sketcher looking for your first job in the games industry?


We are looking to grow our art team and want to hear from you if you love games and are up for the challenge of being part of a team that produces some really exciting work.”

An image of No Man’s Sky is featured on a tweet that holds the job listing for artists, however no mention of No Man’s Sky is to be found anywhere on the official job listing.

Something that is interesting is that Hello Games makes mention of a new thing in the newcomer section. I’m not sure if it is an add-on to No Man’s Sky or a new game?

“If you don’t have any experience in the industry, then that’s good actually, because we’re making something totally new. If you want to learn about making games, then you’ll be so happy here that you’ll whistle chiptunes.”

If you want to investigate to see whether this job listing is for the next (minor or major) update to No Man’s Sky or if this is for a new game, you can hit up hellogames.org.


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