Hive: Altenum Wars, Gravity-Defying 2.5D Hero Shooter Enters Early Access

HIVE Early Access

Hive: Altenum Wars is a 2.5D hero shooter. The hook for the game is that the action takes place in hexadiums, which are hexagonal stadiums broken down into six sections with varying types of gravity fields. The objective is for players to either team up with four others and go head-to-head in team deathmatch, or join a few friends and attempt to battle through the cooperative or single-player survival modes.

Catness Game Studios announced that Hive is currently available on Steam’s Early Access platform, which can be purchased for $5.99. During the first week of being on sale you can pick the game up for 20% off at only $4.79.

The game will support local multiplayer, online multiplayer, single-player, and offline modes. According to the Early Access page, Catness Game Studios currently has the king of the hill and team deathmatch modes implemented, but will be adding in the other modes over time. They also have plans on balancing the game, implementing more levels, adding more weapons, more skills, and more playable character classes.

You can get a look at what the gameplay is like with the Early Access trailer below.

The 2.5D structure of the game makes it interesting because the level rotation and anti-gravity elements gives Hive a bit of legs to stand on apart from the other games out there.

It’s interesting because with a title like Hyper Universe, it had a ton of momentum for it heading into release for having such a unique take on the MOBA genre, but Nexon and Cwavesoft pulled the momentum right out from under themselves by going all-in on the censorship bandwagon. It’s bizarre.

Catness Game Studios have an opportunity to go on the rebound and lure in gamers who may have given up on Hyper Universe on the principle of the game adopting censorship, but are still interested in a good 2.5D action game. If the ant-gravity is solid and the stages are entertaining enough, maybe Hive could become a sleeper hit of the season.

If you’re interested in this hexagonal, 2.5D action game, feel free to learn more by visiting the Steam store page.

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