Hiveswap Act 1 Gameplay Walkthrough
Hiveswap Gameplay Walkthrough

What Pumpkin Games recently released Hiveswap Act 1 onto the Steam store. The point-and-click, hand-animated adventure game is available for only $7.99. The first act follows several different characters on an adventure that was designed to be a love-letter to the 1990s point-and-click genre that was dominated by Sierra Interactive and LucasArts. For gamers interested in the gameplay or need a bit of help progressing, there’s a complete walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber Camyosh has a six-video playlist covering the game from start to finish that you can check out below.

The game starts with a cinematic involving a multi-leg monster chasing a brother and sister. The sister, Joey Claire, races into the house and hides in her room.

After the intro text, look at the tap shoes and equip them.

Take the Walkie-Talkie on the ground under the clothes cabinet.

Head to the left of the room and look out the window to see Jude signaling for help from the treehouse while the monsters roam around down below.

Go into the storage cabinet on the side of the room where the there are some board games. Click on the one multi-colored toy and click on “Challenge” to play it and then take the batteries out of it to put it on the walkie-talkie.

Talk to Jude and ask about the weapon. Jude will inform you to get the weapon out of the hall closet.

Search the stuffed animal on the bed for the key to Joey’s diary.

Hiveswap - Key

Use the key to unlock the diary over on the desk.

After making an entry in the diary, exit the room.

In order to get your weapon, you need to head to the closet and get the flashlight out of the box on the top shelf. Use the tap shoes to dance and knock the box over with the flashlight in it. Some ballet shoes will also be available and you can take those as well.

Proceed back up the hallway and toward the stairs.

When you attempt to go into the attic you can look through the keyhole but the door is locked. Talk to Jude over the walkie-talkie and he’ll direct you to the trophy room.

Head into the trophy room next to the kitchen, it’s through the living room just downstairs.

You won’t be able to do anything in the trophy room. Go in, look around, and then exit.

Jude will give Joey another task: turning the power on.

Inside the living room, go to the remote and take the batteries. Also, head into the kitchen and go to the radio – turn off the radio and pop open the panel to take the batteries. Put the batteries from the radio into the flashlight.

Go down into the basement, which is just off the kitchen to the right.

You’ll need to restore the power by going over to the boxes and using your tap shoes to clear out the boxes. Flip the breaker switch and then you’ll have to fight the giant millipede monster.

You won’t be able to beat the monster, though. Use the two dancing shoes to dodge the monster and head back upstairs.

Next you’ll need to head to the trophy room.

There’s another fight against a different black monster. You don’t actually have to fight him, though. Use the Yammy Bites and throw them at the monster; keep throwing the treats until you get it to exit the Trophy Room.

Look at the deer taxidermy and pull one of the antlers to activate its laser eyes. After a bit of talking, the game will switch over to Jude.

While playing Jude, move over to the metal case and take the flares inside.

Examine the drawer, take a red and green marble and put it in the pouch for the carrier pigeon.

Take the flare gun out of the box and equip it with a flare.

Continue to equip marbles and click on the pigeons until the third pigeon flies into the kitchen.

The game will switch back to Joey and you’ll have to head into the kitchen to retrieve the marbles.

You’ll have to use the tap dancing to get the monster’s attention, and then use the flashlight to turn him around.

Hiveswap Combat

Take the spice from the spice rack in the kitchen and then use the spice seasoning on it to defeat it.

Examine the cabinet at the back of the kitchen on the side of the refrigerator. Inside the cabinet you’ll find a dirty old cracker. Grab the cracker and feed it to the pigeon.

Go back into the trophy room and put the marbles in the eyes of the tiger. Activate the globe and take the key out of the globe.

When you exit from the room switch back to Jude and fire the flare at the house to distract the three monsters.

Use the flashlight on the middle monster and it will turn around and knock out one of the other monsters.

Have Jude shoot another flare at the monsters, and then use the flashlight once more to force the monster to knock out his buddy. Have Jude fire the final flare – instead a fire will start and use that distraction to have Joey run upstairs and into the attic.

You can examine the hand in the jar and then take the blanket off the portal to trigger a cinematic.


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