Hob, Adventure-Platformer Makes Its Way Onto PS4, PC
Hob Game

Runic Games’ Hob has made its way onto PS4 and PC. The action-adventure game is a marvelous departure from Runic’s Torchlight series, insofar that it retains a lot of the core DNA that makes the Torchlight games so endearing, but they go in a completely different direction by focusing more exploration, platforming, and puzzle-solving instead of the traditional loot-and-grind gameplay that the Torchlight series is known for.

Players will attempt to find their way back home will also repairing the world around them. Using the enhanced and rather large arm, players will have to fight, discover, and solve puzzles along the way.

Combat in Hob is a lot slower paced than what you might find in Torchlight or Diablo. It isn’t the biggest focus on the game, and so it’s more about thinking tactically and strategically as opposed to just button mashing to win. You can get a glimpse of what the game is like with the trailer below.

The world is a strange and beautiful place. Players will have to navigate their way around, utilizing the tools afforded to them to transform and completely alter some of the environments in order to both heal the land and progress.

The mechanical glove will allow players to warp around between teleportation points, grapple onto objects and platform across chasms.

The feedback for the game has been nothing but positive, for the most part. Hob definitely had a lot more momentum behind it when it was first announced, but I fear that a minimal marketing presence and coming out during a time where a ton of other high-profile games are launching may have diminished some of the hype.

Anyway, the game is only $19.99, so if you’re looking for a very different kind of adventure experience on the PS4 or PC, you can grab the game from the PlayStation Store, the Steam store or from GOG.com.


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