HTC Vive Wireless Adapters Pre-Orders Reveal $299 Price Tag
HTC Vive Wireless Adapter
(Last Updated On: September 5, 2017)

One of the biggest complaints about VR – other than that it lacks good games, and other than that the headsets aren’t very comfortable, and that other than the Oculus Touch the controls suck, and other than that the price tag makes it suitable only for people who probably don’t even care about VR – is that there are too many cords. Well, Valve and HTC had promised that they would be looking into a wireless solution for the HTC Vive, and that one would be provided at some point in late 2017. Well, in this rare case Valve wasn’t crapping on people with Valve-time. Pre-orders have begun for the new HTC Vive wireless adapter from TPCAST.

The adapter is set to be made widely available starting September 25th at the end of this month. At the moment you can pre-order the TPCAST wireless adapter from over on the Microsoft Store for $299.99.

Yes, the adapter will be about as expensive as some of the new VR headsets set to release this fall. So obviously you’re going to be in a tough spot trying to figure out whether or not you should stick with your Vive or go with one of those cheaper alternatives. The thing to consider is that the new VR headsets for Windows 10 won’t launch with immediate Steam VR support, so you likely won’t be able to play your games off the bat with them. Additionally, they are all wired.

As for the TPCAST wireless headset, it uses high-end wireless signals to transmit a progressive scan of flawlesss 2K video rendering at a resolution of 2160 x 1200, which is equivalent to the Vive’s max output resolution of 1080 x 1200 per eye.

TPCAST HTC Vive Wireless Adapter Bundle

The TPCAST replaces the long HDMI and USB cables that run from the headset to the link box. It comes with a short connection line for both the HDMI and USB ports for the Vive headset that plug directly into the wireless adapter that sits atop the Vive headset. On the back of the headset there’s an additional pouch for the 20,000Am.h, power bank and a charging pack that has a battery life for use of up to six straight hours.

While I don’t like VR and feel as if it’s more of a gimmick than anything worthwhile for gamers at the moment, I do have to say that this is probably something worth investing in if you do have an HTC Vive. For one, this solves the awful cable problem that makes it a pain to setup and move around in most VR games. Additionally, this also solves the Vive’s front-loaded weight problem, which puts a lot of unnecessary strain on your neck as you have to compensate for the heft of the headset. The adapter and battery pack being on top of your head and on the back of your head should even out the weight distribution, similar to the PlayStatoin VR headset, which at least has done a decent enough job of keeping the weight even.

As mentioned, you can pre-order the TPCAST wireless adapter for the Microsoft Store or other participating e-tailers… as soon as the stock is resupplied.

You can look for the adapter to launch in full starting September 25th.

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