Hypernova: Escape From Hadea, Hybrid RTS-Tower Defense Game Available On Steam

Hypernova Escape From Hadea

ActaLogic’s hybrid RTS and tower-defense game, Hypernova: Escape From Hadea, has launched in full on Steam. The game attempts to combine the classic base building concepts real-time strategy gameplay with tower-defense mechanics.

The game centers around a planet called Hadea, in which it is set to meet its demise after its core becomes unstable. Players are tasked with sending out a resource gathering group and mining the necessary ore in order to build a device that will help the inhabitants of Hadea escape from the solar system and get clear of the system’s collapse. The only problem is that the ore that’s required to build the device is set on a hostile moon, filled with toxic gases and dangerous inhabitants.

The mission becomes clear: establish air circulation devices to clear out the noxious gases, establish a base of operations, expanding the mining effort, and fend off the base from the hordes of enemies attempting to dismantle it.

According to Simon Sukljan, CEO of ActaLogic, the idea was to not only combine multiple genres together, but also attempt to do so while giving Hypernova: Escape From Hadea some visual personality, mentioning in the press release…

“After a successful open beta phase we are thrilled to finally bring Hypernova to Steam”, “It’s a game with a lot of colour and personality, and we think players will really enjoy this unique blend of real time strategy, resource management and tower defence genres.”

There’s a trailer you can check out below to get a quick rundown of how the game is played.

Like most other RTS titles out there, as you level up your base of operations and continue to advance your tech, you can unlock new upgrades for both your defensive and offensive capabilities.

There’s a fine balance between advancing your goal of mining for the ore you need and keeping the enemy Hayans off your case.

The game is currently available right now for $24.99, but during the launch week you can get it for 10% off the normal price for only $22.49. If you’re interested in learning more or picking up a digital copy you can do so by heading on over to the Steam store page.