Injustice 2 Rumored To Hit PC This Year According To Retail Listing
Injustice 2 - PC
(Last Updated On: September 11, 2017)

Warner Bros. Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios released Injustice 2 back on May 11th, grabbing a lot of fighting game enthusiast and gamers’ attention. But, there was a catch when it released to the wild for digital and physical consumption: no PC release.

Before its release on May 11th, publisher Warner Bros. Entertainment announced that Injustice 2 by NetherRealm Studios would drop across PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android devices, but not for PC.

This move sparked controversy in that a lot of fans on PC were left out from participating in the second iteration of Injustice. While some fans argue that it was good that the PC version was delayed to avoid an abysmal port/launch, others stressed that it was still a bad call not to bring the game over.

Nevertheless, the time for a PC take on Injustice 2 seems like it could be right around the corner, if this recent finding by publication site GameRant holds any truth:

As seen in the image below, the Dutch retailer known as GameMania has posted that not only will the title be coming to personal computers, but also that it should release for the platform sometime later this year.

The image courtesy of said publication site via GameMania is currently up for your viewing pleasure.

You do know what this means if Injustice 2 comes to PC, right? It means that modders from all around the web can participate in making content, cloths, gear, and other mods for the fighting game. Additionally, this will be one side of the spectrum that will help Injustice 2 move units, unless the devs pull some kind of blunder like DRM, much like Sega and Sonic Mania.

Time will tell whether or not this listing holds any weight or if it is a hoax, but if it is the former, would you like to see Injustice 2 hit PC?

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