Inmates, Psychological Thriller Set Within Seedy Prison Launches October 5th On PC


Iceberg Interactive and Davit Andreasyan have announced that Inmates, a psychological thriller set in a seedy and squalid prison, is aiming to release soon on PC via Steam starting October 5th next month.

The game puts players in the role of a mysterious prisoner who has no recollection of how they ended up in the prison, but they must explore the surroundings to figure out exactly what’s going on. This involves moving around through the prison halls, checking out the various cells, and solving some puzzles in order to progress the story. A new teaser trailer was released below that really doesn’t tell you anything about the game. Check it out below.

If that trailer doesn’t help explain anything, well you’re not alone in thinking that. However the press release indicates that the inmate you play as has horrifying nightmares and believes that the prison is nothing more than a figment of his imagination; a nightmare from which he cannot wake.

However, as players continue to uncover the secrets of the prison and the horrors that lie therein, it becomes clear that maybe it’s not just a dream.

There’s actually another trailer that does a better job of putting the horror elements into context, a cinematic trailer from GamesCom. It doesn’t show too much more than the teaser above but it definitely helps set the mood. Check it out below.

The game is powered by the Unreal Engine 4, and is another one of those first-person, point-and-click style horror-adventure games where you explore the environment, pick up objects, unlock doors, and encounter disturbing imagery. If you’re into those kind of games – similar to Layers of Fear, SOMA or Amnesia – then you might want to keep an eye on Inmates.

The game is estimated to be around three through four hours long, supports controllers, and lots of puzzle solving. You can learn more about Inmates by either visiting the official website or by hitting up the Steam store page.

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