Ironsight, Free-to-Play FPS Set To Enter Beta Test In November


Gamigo is still alive and ticking and the company recently announced that it will be publishing the Western release of Ironsight. Developed by Wiple Games and running on the Iron Engine, the game is a typical PvP-focused FPS set in the far future where players will pick a side and duke it out for the resources.

According to MMO Culture the game is set to arrive in the West for PC gamers. It features the typical elimination modes, team deathmatch, domination, and search and destroy. For those of you who prefer the cooperative elements of online FPS gaming, there’s also a couple of modes you can play while teaming up with your buddies against the AI, including Last Man Standing and Team Deathmatch.

You can scope out a trailer for the game below to get an idea as to how well it looks and plays.

Gameplay wise, it’s the typical fast-paced FPS mechanics you’ve grown used to from games like Call of Duty and Sudden Attack. Quick-scoping, bunny-hopping and fast-switching are all on the itinerary for standard-fare free-to-play FPS action.

The game also borrows from the likes of Valve’s Counter-Strike, offering gamers plenty of weapon skins and customizable color schemes in order to entice gamers who love adding a bit of color splash to their arsenal.

Speaking of arsenal and loadouts… the customization doesn’t start and end with the guns. Players will also be able to customize their characters, choosing from male or females, and outfit them with various types of clothing and gear, as evident in the trailer above.

Obviously every free-to-play FPS game needs some kind of gimmick and the gimmick in Ironsight is being able to call in drone strikes and manually control where they land.

The beta is currently seeking sign-ups right now, and you can join in by registering over on the official Ironsight website. You can look for the beta to go live starting this November.

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