Lost Sector, MMORTS Steam Store Page Goes Live
Lost Sector

Lost Sector Technologies and IDC’s upcoming Lost Sector is an interesting new MMO-strategy game where players will partake in turn-based PvP and PvE battles sprawled across a city steeped in civil war.

The game appears to combine the likes of XCOM with Red Solstice. The free-to-play title is currently in development and is set to launch when “it’s ready”.

There’s a trailer available that showcases some of the gameplay, customization and maps that players will battle across in the upcoming turn-based, MMO title. You can check it out below.

The modern-setting environments and gameplay centered around battling various factions and groups within the megacity of Broxton reminds me a little bit of The Division but designed with a far more interesting premise.

If you see the actual gameplay, it’s actually a lot more unique than you might be expecting. Everything happens in real-time and so you can loot, equip your character or partake in combat in real-time. However, you perform actions as if you’re playing an RTS.

There’s an overworld map that also looks similar to The Division and you can travel to different sectors to carry out very missions.

Your character can be upgraded with new body modifications, new weapons, new armor, and various other accessories. In a way, the character depth is setup a lot like the original Syndicate, so you’ll have to be aware of your surroundings and also be mindful of other players and NPCs as you’re carrying out missions.

As mentioned, there are PvE and PvP quests to take on, and the gameplay is a lot more unique than I thought it would be. You can actually see some alpha footage from last year courtesy of FreeMMOStation.

The game’s Steam page recently came online, and it offers a look at the system requirements along with a few gameplay demonstration videos.

It definitely seems like a game worth keeping an eye on. If you want to add it to your wishlist do so by visiting the Steam store page.


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