LVL99 AxeRage Demo Available, Features Badass Firefighter Surviving A Multi-Apocalypse
LVL99 AxeRage

UOMU Team’s LVL99 AxeRage is a lovingly made side-scrolling, 2D hand-animated action game featuring a lone fireman with an axe and a bad attitude set out to destroy two alien races who have been fighting each other to control Earth and causing multiple apocalypses in the process.

You can download the demo right now from for 64-bit systems or for 32-bit systems.

UOMU Team didn’t just want to make another side-scroller, though. The team wanted to fuse together certain skill-oriented traits and mechanics from fighting games – such as the parry from Street Fighter 3rd Strike – with wall-clinging from games like Mega Man X, all while giving gamers plenty of hard-hitting, gory, no-holds-barred melee combat in a progressive side-scrolling setting.

The results so far look absolutely amazing. You can check out the trailer below for LVL99 AxeRage, as the firefighter, Cheins, who has gone renegade in an attempt to save the world from robots, aliens, zombies and mutant monsters.

As you can see, there’s a ton to unpack from the trailer, but simply put… everything about this game is righteous.

This is how you put together a compelling looking trailer and pitch people on a concept that looks like a ton of fun.

We finally have a true, red-blooded badass as the title character who isn’t afraid to get dirty and spill some blood. He’s going against some real bad guys who need a good cleaving, and he has all the necessary skills to get the job done, from dashing and wall-hopping, to parrying and various melee combos.

If you’re still not entirely convinced, there’s a second video available that further covers the game’s fighting mechanics so you can get acquainted with it all works.

Players will also be encouraged to explore the environments and backtrack to unlock new areas, secrets, and hidden compartments.

In addition to that, LVL99 AxeRage also features upgrades, a rage meter (duh), pets, and plenty of different bosses to face off against.

The game looks legit for as far as I can see. You can download the free demo right now or you can help the project become a full thing by checking out the IndieGoGo page.


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