Marvel, DC And Other SJW Comic Writers Conspired To Harass Critic At Comic Con
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A secret Facebook group of DC, Marvel, Image Comics and other writers, including B. Clay Moore, Isaac Goodhart, Kelly Thompson and Taylor Esposito, revealed that some of the comic industry’s top talent were plotting to harass the creator of the YouTube channel Diversity & Comics due to his critical reviews that exposes the comic industry’s SJW agenda to the public.

While it sounds like some sort of outlandish fan-fiction put together in the lice-infested backwoods of a shady Kentucky farm where buck-toothed cannibals and law-evading moon-shiners congregate in a shanty shack outside the grid, it’s actually a real story that took place within the confines of a private Facebook group consisting of some of the comic industry’s top talent.

The story about the conspiracy broke courtesy of Jon Del Arroz, who posted up video footage taken from the private Facebook group, exposing what the writers had planned for the YouTube channel Diversity & Comics. You can view the 15 minute video below.

In the group, B. Clay Moore, the writer of Hawaiian Dick – a comic that’s in negotiations at NBC to become a live-action show with actor Johnny Knoxville set to produce – responds to some of his peers who mention that “Zack” from Diversity & Comics will be at the New York Comic-Con. Moore, across a couple of posts, writes…

“Knowing [Diversity & Comics] is going to be there makes me wish I was going” […]


“The last thing [Diversity & Comics] is going to do is get violent at a con. But I’d love to follow him around trying to goad him into throwing a punch.”

Taylor Esposito, a former employee at DC Comics and Marvel, chimed in with the following…

“I’d love to yell “one punch” after you level him.”

When the Facebook posts were brought to the attention of Moore, he says that they have no plans to harass Diversity & Comics, but that they just want to “talk to him”, mentioning across a collection of tweets….

“Good grief, tell everyone to chill out. I’m not goading Richard into a fight. Private forum stuff. Waid wants to talk to him, not arrest him.


“I’m as annoyed about this as I was when someone tried to get Ethan Van Sciver in trouble over a private conversation on my FB page.


“I sat down and watched some of [Diversity & Comics] videos last night and I’d be interested in talking to him in private at a con. Everyone pretending to freak out is pretty boring. […]”

This comes after SJWs in the comic industry have gone out of their way to dox Diversity & Comics in hopes of going after him personally.

It’s almost identical to the group function within the gaming industry known as the GameJournoPros, a secret group of elite journalists who could shape the news happening within the gaming industry, and were instrumental in painting #GamerGate as a harassment campaign back in 2014.

Nevertheless, Diversity & Comics has been slowly growing his YouTube presence, nearing 40,000 subscribers (which is almost more than the average comic book that Marvel and DC sells each month, both of which seem to hover between the 20,000 and 45,000 range on average).

The channel has been going hard after DC and Marvel (but mostly Marvel) for their heavy Social Justice Warrior-slant in storytelling and characterizations. Many long-time comic book fans have been noting that the quality of the writing and storytelling has gone down drastically since Marvel and DC have adopted diversity hiring and centering stories around Leftist-style political agendas.

The comic writers have taken great offense at Diversity & Comics’ mostly jovial criticisms and mockery of their content. The writers decided to mulct the channel by partaking in his doxing and attempting to go a step further by attempting to get him ejected from the convention.

Isaac Goodhart, the writer of Postal for Top Cow Productions, had posted earlier in the Facebook thread that he had been “informing” everyone about Diversity & Comics along with New York Comic-Con staff and management, writing…

“I’ve been informing everyone I know, but Diversity & Comics only has a Thursday Badge for NYCC. His name is [redacted] and security and management are aware of him.


“Unfortunately, the same doesn’t go for the anonymous followers who post even more hateful rhetoric.”

The tensions between the established corporate comics industry and Diversity & Comics escalated after Aubrey Sitterson from IDW Publishing ended up in a spat with the YouTuber after Sitterson denigrated 9/11 mourners. SJWs who were friends of Sitterson began coming to his aid, which included Leftist media organizations, who began putting out hit-pieces against Diversity & Comics.

It’s a slow boil that’s nearly coming to a tipping point of turning into a 2017 edition of #GamerGate for the comic book industry. They’re even claiming that Diversity & Comics’ criticism of their comic books, art, and writing is “harassment”. However, most comic book fans tend to disagree.


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