Marvel’s Avengers Project Will Be A Third-Person Multiplayer Cover Shooter
Avengers Reassemble

Crystal Dynamics is currently hiring for the upcoming, tentatively named, Avengers: Reassemble project. Some of the positions have found their way into the public news sphere, revealing that the upcoming game will be an online, third-person cover shooter.

Beyond Gaming is reporting that Crystal Dynamics is hiring in a level designer, and they need someone who will be able to help craft stages designed for “cutting-edge online experiences”.

So it sounds like the levels might be designed for PvP?

Usually, co-op focused stages don’t have the requirement for “cutting-edge online experiences” since cooperative gameplay has level flow almost identical to single-player stages, with the exception of maybe synchronizing button activations or switch-flipping.

Another job listing is for a network engineer who has experience with working with multiplayer game engines, and helping improve online experiences, along with fleshing out multiplayer features. A separate entry is for a combat designer, where it states…

“This Designer will be responsible for working with the Lead Designer, Lead Combat designer and Game Directors to plan, prototype and build combat systems that directly apply to a 3rd person cover based action adventure game.”

So it doesn’t sound like the game will be like Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

In fact, it’s hard to figure out exactly what the game will be like.

Not many of Marvel’s heroes are suitable for third-person, cover-based combat. Iron Man, sure. You could almost make an argument for Captain America. Thor is a melee fighter, along with Hulk. Hawkeye and Black Widow could definitely fit the TPS description, but no one wants to play as them.

I’m guessing maybe they’re using the third-person descriptor as a generalization, especially since it’s easier to convey that point as opposed to name-dropping competing games like inFamous, Spider-Man or Prototype.

There’s certainly not enough info to make any snap judgments, but as Beyond Gaming points out, Square Enix and Marvel are gunning for a games-as-a-service direction, hence the strong focus on online multiplayer. So expect something along the lines of Destiny 2.

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