Marz Rising, Survival-RTS Enters Early Access On September 26th

MarZ Rising

Doorfortyfour announced that the official Steam Early Access release date for the upcoming real-time strategy survival game, MarZ Rising, is set for September 26th.

The game is about colonists being sent to Mars on a colonization mission. Players are tasked with setting up basic survival measures on the planet, including managing oxygen and life supplies, as well as keeping the colonists safe. Of course, things don’t tight and cozy for long, eventually it gets loose and scary.

The colonists find out the hard way that they aren’t alone on the red planet, and in fact are joined by some unwelcoming undead guests who have a penchant for peeling away the flesh of living organisms… using their teeth.

Players will have to accommodate for the dangers that the undead bring while also keeping in mind that Mars is just as unaccommodating as the zombie inhabitants. You can check out the trailer below to see what the gameplay is like for this survival-RTS title.

With a decent script and some okayish production sets, I could easily see this being a low-budget movie that isn’t John Carpenter’s Ghost of Mars.

The game mixes real-time strategy with tower-defense gameplay. You’ll need to strategically setup your base so that it’s both fortified and also offensively functional.

Waves of the undead will attempt to thwart your measures of colonization so it’s up to you to figure out how to overcome their numbers using your wits and skills.

In addition to the base macromanagement, there is also unit micromanagement in order to get the most efficiency out of your limited number of crew who must fend for themselves on the hostile planet.

The campaign mode features two alternative endings in the single-player mode, and the team plans on expanding the missions during the Early Access phase to add in more content leading up to the full release in 2018.

You can look to get your hands on the Early Access version of MarZ Rising starting September 26th by visiting the Steam store.