Monster Hunter: World Character Creator, Weapons, Skills And More Detailed

There’s seems to be a lot of content nestled into Monster Hunter: World, based on what info Capcom has released so far. However some of these features are familiar while others stand to be new improvements for the ongoing series of games. Thanks to Tokyo Game Show 2017 more info on Capcom’s upcoming game has come forth.

Monster Hunter: World is currently set to debut worldwide for PS4 and Xbox One on January 26th, and will gain a PC version sometime later. As for Japan, the game will only release for PS4.

While we wait for official release dates to drop for each version or platform of Monster Hunter: World, Capcom has showcased parts of the beginning, including the character creation and Palico creation, during a stage event at Tokyo Game Show 2017.

For starters, players will be able to smith different weapon variants, rollback stats, discover branches of different weapons, as well as upgrade them too. As for armor there are “Armor Spheres” that can boost pieces by completing quests. Armor pieces that can be acquired include head, torso, arms, back, and legs.

Equipment in Monster Hunter: World hone special abilities, some of which sport “Series Skills” that grant bonuses while on the field or fighting other monsters, however some equipment pieces don’t have any abilities at all.

Speaking of abilities, charms are equipment that can hold skills. Charms have no efficiency as armor, but upon upgrading them with materials at the smith station, it’s more than possible to increase the effect of the skills it contains.

Moreover, Monster Hunter: World allows armor and sets to be equipped regardless of weapon type like Swordsman or Gunner. Gunners putting on a close-range weapon like a Swordsman will prompt a “physical damage” reduction, but equipping a long-range weapon on a Swordsman activates an “attribute damage” reduction.

Looking over to Palico or Palicos, these little critters call for minimum materials for equipment, which also applies to Research Points. In addition to these companions, upon taking a Palico along to hunt they will provide various means of support, whether it be attacking monsters or using a variety of tools. In other words they’re a load of help.

Lastly, the Canteen is a place where energy can be restored. Various attributes, power-up effects and other abilities can be gained just by eating. The Canteen can double over and be used as an outside base/camp while out in the field, which meals can be cooked-up to restore and improve stats.

The new video detailing some of the above can be seen below, which is accompanied by timestamps:


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