My Time At Portia Heads To Kickstarter On September 11th
My time at Portia

Pathea Games’ My Time At Portia is set to arrive on Kickstarter starting September 11th. The team had been talking about going to Kickstarter for a while, but decided to finally pull the trigger and put the game on the crowdfunding platformer to help finalize development and get the game brushed up nice and neat for its Early Access launch in early 2018 next year.

A few days ago the developers made a post on Steam informing their audience that My Time At Portia would be arriving on Kickstarter, and that the Early Access will be priced at $19.99 when it becomes available…

“First, the Kickstarter has been pushed back a week to September 11th, it’ll run for 30 days, and we’re aiming for $100,000. Please start letting anyone interested know! We’ll need all the help we can get!


“As some people have pointed out, the game’s Early Access has been pushed back to January to give us more time to polish and add things. We want the first impression to be a good one! It will retail for $19.99 during EA. The final version is aiming for August 2018.”

For the past several months Pathea Games have been slowly updating the title and adding content to the game world. However, they now want to speed things up, get more art assets done, implement more mechanics, and eventually finish off all the core gameplay loops in preparation of launching the Early Access.

The game itself is another one of those slice of life titles where players will journey to the town of Portia, a briskly idyllic place that sits on the edge of civilization after the apocalypse left the world in ruin.

Instead of hunting down mutants, scavenging for food, or attempting to kill for the basic necessities of life, Portia is a self-sustaining place where players find themselves in the vocation of building up a workshop in order to make life for the few remaining humans as pleasant as possible.

You’ll have to partake in foresting, some light farming, mining, as well as typical exploration and combat in search of relics from the old world and rare materials to build new gadgets.

You can keep track of the updates regarding My Time At Portia heading to Kickstarter by visiting the Steam app page.


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