My Time At Portia, Slice-Of-Life Adventure Game Heads To Kickstarter
My Time at Portia

Pathea Games announced that the Kickstarter for My Time At Portia has officially kicked off. The game has been moving through the alpha phase of development so far, but Pathea wanted to speed up the development phase by bringing in more artists and implementing more mechanics at a faster rate, so that’s why they went ahead with the Kickstarter.

They currently have 29 days left as of the writing of this article and a goal of $100,000. It may seem kind of steep but they’ve already managed nearly $7,500 during the first day. They would definitely need to ratchet up the presence of the Kickstarter if they have plans on hitting that $100k mark, though.

The project was accompanied by a three minute pitch video, which you can check out below.

Much like Pathea’s previous outing, Planet Explorers, the game is more about exploration and adventure than relying on killing, murdering or conquering.

In fact, one of the big selling points for My Time At Portia is that players are encouraged to scavenge, gather, build and sell items.

The goal of the game is interesting insofar that players are aiming to grow and make the best workshop in Portia. It’s a fixed goal that’s more about building than destroying, and unlike Minecraft there’s actually a clear goal and end-game here.

Much like Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon, there’s a steep element of relationship-building that not only allows you to marry NPCs but also unlock new missions and quest-lines based on how you build up those relationships.

There are also additional mini-games scattered throughout the gameplay experience, including flying airplanes and going fishing.

Pathea Games wants to hire in more artists to help finish off the assets so that they can put the game into Early Access and then later on graduate from Early Access.

If you’re interested in learning more or contributing to the cause, you can do so by visiting the Kickstarter page.


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