NBA 2K18 Microtransactions Are Causing Frustration Among Gamers

As time passes it seems as if microtransactions have become more blatant in the face of gamers. Well, it looks like 2K and Visual Concepts wanted to score big and injected some rage-inducing transactions via VC (Virtual Currency) into the game, which calls for tedious grinding or real cash to do basic actions in NBA 2K18.

Before looking over some of the problems with NBA 2K18 and its microtransaction fiasco, a video by YongYea takes folks unaware of the situation down a path to understand why the VC (Virtual Currency) system is bad practice.

Alright, did you catch any that? The reason why this whole move with VC or Virtual Currency is so detrimental is that it calls for gamers who already payed money for NBA 2K18 to spend that much more to do basic leveling, perform actions like changing hair and ranking up, which calls for hardcore MMO RPG grinding or real money for something that will become VC locked again.

The game has been out only for one week (as of this writing) and is amassing more negative reviews on Steam day by day — due to bad gameplay mechanics and the microtransactions that invade a lot of basic cosmetic and character building functions.

There are a lot of complaints regarding unskippable scenes in MyCareer mode that can void one’s refund due to it extending past the two hour mark Valve has in place; online issues with input lag are another problem, along with other problems that seem to vary depending on the person. But one thing that a lot of gamers are in universal agreement about is the microtransactions.

The behavior of 2K and Visual Concepts work found in NBA 2K18 is something you’d expect to see in an MMO online game, but not in a full priced $59.99 title where previous entries in the series were absent of such trickery.

Sadly, microtransactions won’t go away anytime soon unless gamers take up the mantle of not buying games riddled with said feature or not using the feature that is gambling disguised via cash shop currency.

Trust me, this game will not be the first nor last to shove it in the face of gamers when it comes  to performing basic actions. However, when developers see that the feature nets very little to no money because gamers rebel against it, they’ll get the hint to stop adding it in games.


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