New Videos Detail TimeSplitters Rewind Progress And Voice Acting

Two new videos uncover the latest work that publisher and developer Cinder Interactive Arts has put into TimeSplitters Rewind. The revival project has no release date yet, but it is currently in development for PC.

TimeSplitters Rewind is going through quite a bit right now, insofar that after the latest Cryengine build, stuff like shadows, lighting and other assets had to be revisited. But all is not dark and grim, though.

Two videos that have recently surfaced take gamers behind the curtains of titles likes TimeSplitters Rewind and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. The former re-accounts the latest changes and builds done so far by Cinder Interactive Arts, while the latter takes us back to the year 2005 with Sgt. Cortez’s voice actor (who is best known for voicing Karl Fairburne of the Sniper series of games) Tom Clarke-Hill.

The videos that appear below, come in courtesy of YouTuber Classyham.

The next video — which is a compressed version of Dying Iranian Child‘s interview with voice actor Tom Clarke-Hill — also comes in by ClassyHam, and runs for eight minutes in length.

Honestly, this is good news that the team is making progress on TimeSplitters Rewind given that four months ago reports of engine problems were occurring due to Cryengine being a bit outdated. Now that the new update is out and the team can wok on what is necessary only means that we will inevitably reach its final build later down the road, if this pace continues.

The last piece of information worth mentioning is that first person aiming will have two options. The first option will be the series famous zoom-in, while the second option will be the more modern ADS (aim down sights) system. According to the devs, this feature will be a toggle switch for alternate play styles.

More information about upcoming TimeSplitter Rewind builds will more than likely drop in the near future and can be seen over on Cinder Interactive Arts official website.


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