Nightmare Creatures Remake Coming To Consoles, PC

Nightmare Creatures

This is the generation of remakes, so you may as well add the classic PSX title Nightmare Creatures to the list. There’s a new remake in the works for today’s home consoles and PC.

A brief teaser trailer was released over on Albino Moose Games’ YouTube channel. Dale North, former editor-in-chief at Destructoid, is handling the composer duties, and Richard James Cook is working on the models. You can check out the teaser below.

The teaser trailer doesn’t show any of the gameplay, but it does offer some flyby footage of the environments, including the early village stage from the original game.

The hack-and-slash adventure title was essentially Bloodborne before Bloodborne. The gameplay and thematics were very similar. The story is set in 1666, where an occult is attempting to unlock vast powers, but they end up turning into nightmare creatures.

You could choose to play as a dude or a girl in the old game, with a focus on melee combat and tactical hack-and-slash gameplay. The Gothic setting and very dark atmosphere made it a very different experience from Resident Evil or Parasite Eve. The combat was in real-time and the camera was over-the-shoulder instead of fixed, making it feel a lot more visceral and dynamic. One of the highlights for the game was the fact that since the PSX couldn’t render draw distances very far, there was this constant dark, shadowy presence looming over the atmosphere that actually helped with the horror setting. I’m curious how well that’s going to translate into the remake because it was such a huge part of the original games?

I wouldn’t be surprised if a mid-tier publisher sweeps in to publish the game, likely THQ Nordic or Devolver Digital. Right now there are no real concrete details on the game other than that this is a remake arriving 20 years after the original’s release. You can keep track of developer updates from Albino Moose Games by visiting their official website.

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