No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises Patch 1.37 Brings More Improvements
(Last Updated On: September 16, 2017)

Hello Games has taken to its workbench to update the popular and infamous No Man’s Sky. The update addresses many bugs and fixes a lot of features in the game, which is followed by improvements to existing features. No Man’s Sky is out now for PC and PS4 along with the newly published patch 1.37.

No Man’s Sky had a very, very rough start. This was due to a culmination of things, however it seems that even after the fiasco that was its former self in the past, a lot of people seem to really enjoy the game as of this moment and can’t wait for the next major update.

Speaking of updates, while we have a ways to go before 1.4 hits the scene, a minor update entitled 1.37 has become available for PC and PS4 players. The update not only squashes existing bugs in the game, but it also fixes various features and improves them, too.

“Today we’re releasing Patch 1.37, which introduces a number of improvements including a new ship control scheme for mouse & keyboard players, an upload all discoveries option and improved trade prices. This patch is available now!”

You have read right, new mouse and keyboard control schemes have been added to make the experience on PC that much better. This option can be switched on or off, and changes ship controls to be cursor based. Additionally, this means you’ll be able to direct your ship easily using your mouse.

It is also noted in the patch 1.37 update that PC mouse and keyboard players can now look around the ship’s cockpit by holding the ALT key, much like other space and plane simulator games. It should be noted that this new option will be active on startup, but it can be turned off by heading to the General Options menu.

The full change log and notes detailing patch 1.37 can be looked over by visiting its Steam page or main website.

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