Oriental Empires Graduates From Early Access On September 14th
Oriental Empires

Iceberg Interactive’s 4x strategy game, Oriental Empires, is prepping to finally graduate from Steam’s Early Access run since being on the platform since September of last year.

The objective of the game is pretty simple: take control of a Chinese region, develop the land, build a city, raise an army, and conquer everyone who doesn’t bow to you. There are 16 different factions to choose from, and various regions to expand your empire across that includes both China and Mongolia.

As you make choices to establish your province, deal with diplomacy and attempt to assuage the needs of the people, you can also zoom in to get an up-close and personal look at the action on the ground level. It takes many of the core components of the 4x strategy genre that’s don’t so well in the grand space stage, and hone it in on a historically themed strategy title based around ancient China. You can check out the video below that gives you a look at the game in action.

You can hire in mercenaries to help carry out some of the dirty deeds and dwindle your enemy’s strength, or you can attempt to expand using more diplomatic relations and attempting to diffuse situations with your cunning and prolific wit.

Once you get done conquering the single-player portion of the game, there’s also the multiplayer component, which allows you to challenge other players in various modes as well.

Presentation wise I think a lot of the political and diplomatic elements look good. The UI and visual aesthetic is obviously attuned to match the stylings of the era. However, I can’t help but notice that the combat animations are definitely dated, especially compared to other big strategy games out on the market or coming to the market, particularly the ones from Creative Assembly.

Nevertheless, you can look for Oriental Empires to launch soon on Steam as it graduates from Early Access later in the month. For further info on the turn-based strategy title, feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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