Paprium, 16-Bit Inspired Beat-’em-Up Delayed To Early 2018

Watermelon Games’ highly anticipated hand-drawn beat-’em-up, Paprium, was originally set to release this September, but a recent announcement has indicated that the game has now been delayed into 2018.

Sega Bits spotted the news from over on the Watermelon Games website, where they announced that they ran into some trouble with the payment processing. You see, PayPal thought it was suspicious that so many people were ordering a 16-bit game, and figured that some PizzaGate-style stuff must have been going on and “16-bit” was codeword for “drugs”. Well, winners don’t do drugs and Watermelon Games are winners, so they had to work their way around Paypal’s lock.

According to the post they mention…

“Even if they locked our funds, we continued part of the production on our own savings and it greatly affected our schedule and operations… in order to produce the biggest 16-bits games ever produced, we require a lot more than pocket money!


“You know now why the order page was unavailable. No stone was left unturned in seeking to remedy the problem and we finally reached the rights people. We should receive our funds in about a month.”

Paprium - Mega Drive

So now they’re at that point where they have to struggle through the hardships to bring the game to life, even after getting hit with a major setback by the payment institution.

Nevertheless, they’ve reorganized and decided to focus on getting the game finished. However, they won’t be able to finish it as soon as they would like, so instead of releasing this fall Paprium is now scheduled to launch in early 2018.

If you forgot what the game looked like there’s a pre-order trailer below that is a classic throwback to the 16-bit era style of advertisements.

Hopefully they can get everything sorted and the game released in a timely manner. You can learn more about Paprium by visiting the official website.

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