PewDiePie Mocks Aloof Celebs Who Blame Trump For Hurricanes
Jennifer Lawrence x Trump

While the media strokes their harangue hard-on for PewDiePie’s profane comments during a live-stream of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, excoriating the content creator for using language they deemed insensitive, PewDiePie has been busy taking out-of-touch celebs to task for attempting to proselytize through any platform that will take their word at face value.

His most recent video is a breakdown of a few comments from Hollywood types attempting to bridge a connection between Donald Trump becoming President of the United States, and the hurricanes occurring during hurricane season. You can check out the video below.

The editing is spastic and the cogency of PewDiePie’s point is almost lost in a shuffle between sarcasm and unbridled mockery, but near the end of the video he finally gets back on track and points out how asinine it is for these celebrities to blame natural disasters on Donald Trump, first mocking actress Jennifer Lawrence by saying…

“You know, bad people were in power before: Genghis Khan, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler… and then Donald Trump – that’s when mother nature was like ‘You know what? That’s enough! Now you will feel my wrath – I mean rage! Send in the hurricanes!!!’

He plays clips throughout the video of Lawrence’s interview for an upcoming movie she’s promoting, taking her to task for utilizing the plight of others suffering from the disastrous outcomes of the hurricanes in order to win virtue signal points.

He also mocks actress and comedian Sarah Silverman who also made comments on Twitter about preventing natural disasters by voting.

He rounds out the video by saying…

“What I find confusing is how someone can use the fact that people are losing their homes from the floods and the hurricanes, and you’re talking about it to further your own political agenda. Like hurricanes have never happened before? Floods have never happened before? That to me is so fucking disgusting. [Especially] when you don’t even practice what you preach. ”

He ends that comment by showing an image of Jennifer Lawrence coming out of her private jet; he mocks the fact that during the interview she was mentioning how science has proven that humans have degraded climate on Earth and have caused climate change in a negative way. Yet she doesn’t mean contributing to climate change by flying around on a private jet

The news media have also been attempting to further the panic surrounding the hurricanes, including attempting to paint the impact it may have on certain areas of Florida, which just furthers the fear-mongering and hysteria involving natural disasters instead of trying to help people understand that it’s not the end of the world. Fox News was even called out on this by a passerby who schooled one of the field reporters who was attempting to play up the catastrophe of Hurricane Irma on Miami Beach.

Meanwhile, PewDiePie will likely have to face another potential wave of demonetization if the media hysteria continues over the comments he made during the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds live-stream. The media has been working hard to deplatform him, especially since the hit-pieces that were aimed at him earlier in the year, led by the Wall Street Journal.

The content creator didn’t spend any time addressing the media’s latest attack, but he did link out to the Red Cross website.


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