Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You Tickets Go On Sale

Pokemon The Movie

Nintendo’s Pokemon brand seems to have encountered a resurgence since Pokemon Go came onto the scene, and the Big ‘N’ wasn’t apprehensive at all in churning out as much content as possible to coincide with the global appeal of Niantic Labs’ mobile app for smartphones and tablets. One form of cashing in on the craze is the upcoming animated flick Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You, which is set to hit theaters starting November 5th.

Fathom Events announced that tickets are currently available and on sale right now at participating theaters, and you can order them right now from over on the Fathom Events website.

The ticket prices are going on average for just over $12 depending on where you’re located and what theater chain is playing the film. You can enter your zip code to find a theater near you where you can pre-order your tickets now.

As for the film itself, it centers round Ash and Pikachu during the early days of their adventure when they first meet. It also covers one of the adventures they went on involving an attempt to capture the legendary Ho-Oh, and no this isn’t that legendary ho that makes you go “Oh!” while you peep on her from a Twitter clip like a slippery-fingered Ted Cruz.

Anyway, the film also features a brand new Mythical Pokemon named Marshadow. I don’t know how Nintendo is squeezing in all these new Pokemon when they weren’t featured in the television show 25 years ago, but they’re probably hoping those GMOs kids scarf down from Monsato gives them memory lapses so they don’t question the continuity gaps.

If you need to peep that trailer, Ted Cruz style, you can check it out below. And don’t forget to hit that like button.

The movie will only air in theaters between November 5th and November 6th. Those who attend will also receive a free trading card featuring Pikachu in a trainer’s hat.

I never thought that Pokemon would be a franchise still living some 19 years after the first movie hit theaters.

Now if you are planning on going, keep in mind that the movie is dubbed. No subs. You may have to make an appointment with your radiologist for cancer treatment thereafter.

Anyway, the movie is set to debut this fall at a theater near you starting November 5th.

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