Raiders Of The Broken Planet’s First Episode Launches For PS4, Steam, Xbox One
Raiders of the Broken Planet

MercurySteam’s Raiders of the Broken Planet has finally launched for home consoles and PC. The first episode known as “Alien Myths” just recently went live for $9.99. You can still grab the free client download from Steam, the Xbox Store or the PlayStation Network, which contains two free prologue missions and four playable characters.

If, however, you want to experience the real meat and potatoes of the game, you’ll need to drop $9.99 for the Alien Myths story expansion, which contains four additional missions, and four additional characters, bringing the total content pack up to eight characters and six story missions.

Raiders of the Broken Planet - Bullets Fly

Enric Álvarez, Co-Owner of MercurySteam commented in the press release about how they wanted to avoid a $60 price tag and give gamers something enjoyable to play with a low barrier of entry, saying…

“Raiders of the Broken Planet is easily the most ambitious title MercurySteam has ever produced. It has taken us three years to get here and I’m so proud to be launching the Prologue and Alien Myths campaign today! We hope players can see the amount of love and passion that has gone into this title,”


“We want the barrier of entry to be as low as possible which is why we have a free Prologue, followed by individual €9.99 campaigns, as opposed to a €60 retail release. Publishing Raiders of the Broken Planet ourselves gives us the freedom to make these decisions.”

The third-person action-shooter blends a mixture of science-fiction space-age weaponry with stealth-oriented mechanics, and classic cover-based shooting. There’s a little bit of something in there for every action fan out there. One gimmick to the game that helps it stand out is that players can choose to play as either the good guys or the bad guys during a match, creating a unique story-oriented, PvP scenario. It’s like what Turtle Rock Studios tried to do with Evolve, but bigger and better.

You can check out the cinematic trailer below to give you an idea of what the characters and scenarios look like.

MercurySteam has a roadmap in place to release three additional campaigns, each $9.99, including one called Wardog Fury, Hades Betrayal and Council’s Apocalypse.

Each campaign centers around different members of the Raiders, will add new maps, new playable characters, and new gear.

If you want access to all of the campaigns, all of the characters, and all of the story content, you can buy the bundle for $39.99.

For more info you can visit the game’s official website.


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