Randy Pitchford Tries To Defend Aliens: Colonial Marines Again, Calls It a 7.5 Game

Just when you thought Randy Pitchford couldn’t get any worse, he managed to top all expectations. Not only was there a written interview between IGN and Pitchford, but there happens to be a video interview that was much longer that exposed just how silly Pitchford can be about Jim Sterling, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and, yes, you the fans.

Look, I’m trying really hard to go easy on Randy Pitchford here, however I’ll still be good and let the interview speak for itself and not tear into him. But if all what he said in the interview is not a joke and is true, this man has reached a new level.

There was so much false content being spewed from Pitchford’s mouth you’d think he was a sick kid constantly regurgitating for minutes. In one section of the interview he literally calls Aliens: Colonial Marines a “7 or 7.5-ish game”…. I was more than speechless when I heard that.

Sadly, though, I don’t even know where to start with the interview, but I do know someone who has the words and time to summarize the abysmal video interview between IGN and Pitchford in good context: YongYea.

Somehow, someway, YongYea found a way to get around the head hurting, embarrassing, cringe worthy interview that happens to drag on for a long time with pure asinine content.

If you don’t mind losing brain cells and wish to go to the deep below, you can watch the video that YouTuber YongYea has up on his channel.

After watching the video above, aren’t you excited and pumped what Pitchford and Gearbox has in store for you? Don’t you want to see what Borderlands 3 and the next Brothers in Arms will be like after watching the video above that clearly shows how little he thinks of you and others? If so, while we wait we can collectively agree that Aliens: Colonial Marines is a “7.5” game, right?


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