Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero DLC Trailer Highlights Chris’ Steroid Abilities
Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero

The upcoming DLC featuring Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard titled “Not A Hero” recently received a three minute promotional trailer at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The trailer showcases actual in-game play from the Japanese version of the game, highlighting the first-person combat as Chris navigates the mines… all alone.

You can check out the gameplay video courtesy of MKIaceandFire.

The video starts with Chris putting on his helmet and moving through the mines as he’s told over the earpiece that three of their best men were lost investigating a lab just up ahead.

Shades of the classic Resident Evil seep through the facade of the old series re-imagined as a first-person shooter.

Chris moves up to a drill before proceeding through some caverns. Chris comes upon one of his teammates and mentions that he’s going to find a key to help out his captured buddy.

We then see Chris unleashing his steroid powers, punching and hitting the monsters. With just one all-American punch he’s able to explode their heads into pieces. Rich Piana would have been proud.

The game’s horror themes quickly dwindle away as Chris begins to shoot and punch his way through the mines, leaving little recourse for any alternatives. The run-and-hide gameplay from the base game is all used up, with players having a more action-focused element to rely on with the upcoming DLC.

If you weren’t fond of playing as Ethan, the wimpy boyfriend of Mia who went searching for his missing love in the stinky swamps of the Bakers’ plantation, then you might certainly enjoy the action-movie flair that Chris brings back to the table.

However, I’m almost still not convinced that this is the real Chris Redfield. Some believe that this is Hunk, a clone of the real Chris. However, we’ll find out exactly what’s up when the free DLC launches this December for everyone who owns Resident Evil 7 for PC, PS4 or Xbox One.


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