River City: Rival Showdown Heads To Nintendo 3DS This November
River City Rival Showdown

Natume’s River City: Rival Showdown is reportedly heading West this November for the Nintendo 3DS. The iconic beat-’em-up entry in the long-running Kunio-Kun series will take the original story of the first River City Ransom and add in more branching options, RPG elements, and upgrade systems, according to DualShockers.

The game centers around Kunio being attacked by some mysterious gang members, followed by his girlfriend disappearing. He attempts to get to the bottom of the events and he has a limited amount of time to do so. He recruits a bit of help along the way and must unlock new moves, new abilities and fighting moves as he travels through River City searching for clues and attempting to solve the attack within three day’s time.

The game will feature two-player local cooperative play, just like all the other games. So if you have a buddy you can team up and punch the crap out of people’s faces just because you can. I’m sure there are a bunch of SJWs online who will pretend that everyone they fight in the game on the street is a Nazi and then they can share the images with their pretend bot friends about how cathartic it was to “punch a Nazi” in the face, even though it’s a bunch of little Japanese dudes.

The game also introduces new super special moves that you can unlock, and multiple story paths that you can choose to take that will give you a different ending depending on the choices you make.

The article also mentions that it also comes with a Double Dragon game as a bonus, which is pretty bizarre. But hey, two games for the price of one? I’m not complaining. It would be cool if it were Super Double Dragon for once, but for some reason Natsume has an aversion to the actual fun Double Dragon games.

You can look for River City: Rival Showdown to launch this November for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s a shame because this would have been perfect as a Nintendo Switch release.


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