Rover Builder Lets You Create Your Own Space Rovers

One of the latest space building rover games to hit the indie scene comes from a small dev team named Hatfuls Games. Putting you in the role as a creator of crafts, Rover Builders tasks you to build a remote operated rover to surpass challenging missions.

Now featured on Steam Early Access coming soon page and set to release for PC this September, Rover Builder takes inspiration from other building games and uses blocks and other shapes to mold any chassis that comes to mind. The purpose behind this move is to give you a plethora of designs to overcome any hurdle a mission may throw your way.

The official description explaining Rover Builder lies below:

“Build amazing 3d vehicles from simple buggies to complex work machinery! In this space themed building game you get to solve increasingly challenging remote-operated missions, as you climb the corporational ladder and unlock new planets.”

If the description wasn’t enough, two official trailers showing gameplay can be seen right here. The first video stands to be an introductory video, while the second video comes in as a montage of gameplay footage. You can check them out courtesy of Rover Builder‘s YouTube channel.

As it stands now, there will only be two planets and 16 missions to explore when it drops, however more planets and missions are in the works to fill out the game.

Something worth mentioning, though, is that no word on mod support has surfaced, if the devs want to see Rover Builder and its life span increase it’s best the team adds said support to help stretch things out. I say this because it has a lot of competition currently in development like Trailmakers and Storm Works: Build and Rescue. However, time will tell how it fares when it launches this month.

If, however, Rover Builder seems like an interesting game to you, more information on this game can be found over on


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