Scorn Upcoming Demo Will Be Playable To All Backers

Scorn is doing well on its Kickstarter campaign contrary to that of its past attempt. With Ebb Software witnessing such success with its upcoming horror-adventure game, the development team is hard at work to bring you a playable demo before its Kickstarter campaign ends.

If you happen to be a backer of Scorn, there is good news for you in that a playable demo will be available very soon. Ebb Software, the dev team behind the horror-adventure game with segments of puzzles and action sprawled throughout, have revealed that the upcoming demo will drop ahead of the game’s Kickstarter campaign coming to a close. It will be available for backers to enjoy:

“Our team is working hard to get the demo ready for all our backers. We will make a campaign update and send out keys to everyone when the demo is ready.”

If you recall correctly, not too long ago when the gameplay video dropped, the campaign had reached 1/4 of its goal within 24 hours. Fast forward four days later and we see that it has garnered almost 2/3 of its goal.

As seen above, the project only needs $67,615 to go until it’s complete and has 30 days to do so, meaning that it will more than likely hit its goal in the next four or five days.

In addition to the above, if it only has less than a week to go before hitting its goal, the demo will be coming out very soon since it was noted by the dev team to release ahead of its Kickstarter run.

If you happen to be a backer, you will receive an update along with a key to gain access to Scorn’s PC demo. There is no word on what the demo will feature or contain, which remains a mystery until released, but what is for certain is that you will be able to play it sometime very soon.

More info on this game can be found over on or Kickstarter.


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