Sirlin Games Reveals New Graphical Changes To Fantasy Strike
(Last Updated On: September 3, 2017)

Fantasy Strike is an upcoming fighting game by Sirlin Games that is set to debut sometime this month on Steam Early Access. Ahead of its Steam release comes a graphical change to existing characters and addresses clipping issues with model files and moveable clothes.

An upcoming fighting game set to debut sometime this month for PC via Steam Early Access comes Fantasy Strike. The developers have set out to address some of the graphical issues, such as attempting to fix black lines, and change the overly cartoonish look; the devs upgraded the graphics to look more smooth and less dark in nature.

The initiative to change the graphics can be contributed to major clipping issues with clothes, items, accessories and objects placed on characters. The idea was to smooth out any visual eyesore that detracts from characters, much like the pouches on Jaina’s side clipping through her hip.

Other changes to faces were introduced so that expressions could be made without faces convexing or concaving-in, resulting in nasty candy-wrapper issues when showing close-ups on a character.

You can check out the latest changes in the screenshots below.

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Lighting effects have been addressed too. This means that glow effects, reflections and other character/stage interactions with stages will appear appropriately as seen in the last seventh image.

It should be noted that changes will likely occur across various things during its run through Steam Early Access, which means that the above screenshots might not reflect the final build of each character and/or stage.

There is no word on when Fantasy Strike’s Steam Early Access release date will drop, but given that we are in its expected time frame you should keep an eye out for it, because it could drop anytime soon.

Fantasy Strike is slated to hit PC via Steam Early Access this September, however a PS4 version is also in the works as well.

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