SKSE 64-Bit 2.0.0 Alpha PC Download Now Available

Before jumping up and down and telling everyone, SKSE 64-bit 2.0.0 alpha is primarily for mod authors and aims to speed up development. The project at this point and time is buggy and will not always work as intended, but the whole SKSE 64-bit project is far from dead.

I should further clarify the state of this project by posting up Nezenn’s comment over on Reddit that was stickied by the SKSE team:

“Please don’t go off your nut converting SKSE dependent mods to SSE and expecting them to work perfectly because they might not, and things may break or crash. If you do, this is on you, not on the mod author or the SKSE guys.


Also remember to respect that fact that not all mod authors will be able to port their mods that are SKSE dependent immediately for a host of reasons both technical and personal, especially during this alpha stage. Please don’t be pushy, and try and make it easier for them by NOT asking every mod author on the Nexus five times over why X mod hasn’t been ported yet, they’ve heard it before from someone else :)”

The point behind this move is not reporting that a certain mod doesn’t work, but reporting stuff as mentioned below like “ActorBase.GetCombatStyle()” returns an empty form instead:

“Here is an alpha version of SKSE64. It is currently not intended for use by most users. It will be primarily interesting for mod authors and people who want to test things.. Reporting that mod X doesn’t work is probably not very helpful, but reporting that ActorBase.GetCombatStyle() always returns an empty form would be helpful.


I would like to thank eternity for his recent help and going above and beyond to get this closer to the finish line. This would be going up much, much later without his help.


SKSE64 2.0.0 alpha: 7z archive

If you happen to be curious as to how this whole thing works a download for SKSE 64-Bit 2.0.0 alpha is available over on

This move by the SKSE 64-bit team hopefully silents all those 10 year old degenerates who keep saying that this project is dead, because it is far from dead. Additionally, It would seem like it would have been obvious back when we covered that the older 1.7.3 update (on July 13th, 2017, by the SKSE team) was recently posted on the main silverlock page and that it was under construction, but I guess I’m still “drugged” and a “troll” for seeing the obvious update that would lead to the newly announced SKSE 64-bit 2.0.0:

You can learn more about this project by hitting up


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