SKSE-64 Bit Build 2.0.3 Alpha Now Available For Download

There’s good news surrounding SKSE-64 Bit and its latest build number of 2.0.3 alpha, which comes after the latest version 2.0.2. The SKSE team is still making steady progress on the Script Extender for Skyrim Special Edition and it can be downloaded right now.

The latest version of SKSE-64 Bit has arrived or better put the latest alpha build. It comes with a few new changes, which the news announcing the above comes in by a post update that the SKSE-64 Bit team published over on Reddit.

The latest build number of 2.0.3 alpha is still geared toward modders, and with Bethesda updating the Creation Club this version should only be tested and used if you are planning on joining the beta, but if you are still interested you can read the notice below:

“I’ve updated SKSE64 with the assumption that the current executable Bethesda has released in beta will go out to everyone once their initial testing period is over. Only use this if you’re also opted in to the creation club beta, otherwise continue with 2.0.2.


They’ve hooked up a reasonable amount of the core functionality for Survival mode directly in to the engine, leading to new functions like


float Function GetWarmthRating() native
bool Function IsOverEncumbered() native


on Actor. Also console commands IsOverEncumbered and GetActorWarmth. Presumably they will be releasing updated base scripts at a later time, so I haven’t gone through and made temporary additions for all of the updated types.”

The next part regarding this update deals with the “Whatsnew” section and support for runtime 1.5.3 and more. The latest move by the team reveals Armor and Actor scripts for new functions found in 1.5.3, as well as the following information:


  • support for runtime 1.5.3
  • update Armor and Actor scripts for new functions added in 1.5.3
  • FastTravelEnd event sink (internal)”

All in all, it’s good to see that the SKSE team is still working hard to bring gamers, modders and fans of Skyrim the 64-bit treatment, which each update of this endeavor will hopefully bring us closer to the final release.

Lastly, you can download the new alpha build by hitting up


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