Skyrim On Nintendo Switch First Gameplay Video Disappoints
Skyrim Nintendo Switch

Bethesda showcased five minutes of the first gameplay video for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch at PAX West this past weekend in Seattle, Washington. The video shows real-time gameplay footage of the title running on the Switch, and a lot of fans and gamers were not impressed.

The video was posted up over on IGN‘s YouTube channel, featuring some of the snowy locations of Secunda’s Kiss, as well as some of the graphical settings, frame-rate and performance of the game running on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

The video sees a walkthrough of the player attempting to sneak up on a giant and steal his cheese.

The stealing goes well, but the stealth attack with the bow does not. We do get a brief look at precision aiming using the Joy-Con motion controls, which looks passable enough. However, that demonstration doesn’t last long once the giant stomps toward the player and whacks them up into the air, sending them rag-dolling high into the sky.

Visually the game looks about a grade above the smeary and muddy textures present in the Xbox 360 and PS3 version. We also see the Joy-Con attacks in action as well, with players being able to swing at opponents.

The anisotropic filtering is fairly high for the Switch version, but there’s also a lot of recycled textures in the environment to obviously cut down on texture memory size.

Mesh wise, you can see where the LOD is nowhere close to the higher-end assets available on the modded version of PC, and you can tell that the game won’t impress graphically, which caused a lot of people to become disappointed with Skyrim‘s upcoming release on the Switch, as evident with the like/dislike ratio on the video.

A lot of people were disappointed that the game didn’t look like the PC version decked out in mods, and questioned what the point was of Skyrim on the Switch?

Others defended the game, saying that while the Switch version didn’t look as good as the game on the PS4 Pro, it would allow for gaming on the go. Others retorted that it was a socially degenerative desire to want to game while out and about around town.

Some people are still excited for Skyrim on the Switch, but the first impressions so far haven’t shown a lot of confidence from the general gaming community.


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