Skyrim Together Mod Set To Bring Online Play With Other Players

Want to play Skyrim with a friend or with more people? A mod that is currently under construction will allow just for that and is said to be coming sometime soon. This mod is named Skyrim Together, and will be available to those on PC sometime in October, this year.

Looking back when Elder Scrolls Online hit the scene five years ago, many modders attempted to add similar online functions to Skyrim. One mod that seems to be near completion is Skyrim Together. According to a modder that took to the comment section of PCGamer forums, Ueine, the mod can handle up to 64 players, but it adds extra NPCs for each player — meaning that a group of five bandits can turn into a 320 man army.

Now that sounds cool that you can play with friends and roam around with NPCs, but when will it come out? Well, according to the modders behind Skyrim Together, it was originally planned to launch this month, but a date for October is more reasonable according to the team.

In addition to the above, much like the SKSE-64 Bit team project this team’s project is a part-time voluntary one, too. This means that if less spare time on the modders’ end becomes the norm in real life it will pose a delay on the project itself.

Assuming that the project does not go well and October is missed, one of the team members who happens to go by the name of Ananace suggests that “We should be able to get it out this year at least.”

If you want to find out more about this project, the team and how development is coming along, you can head on over to the project’s Reddit page that details the latest news on Skyrim Together. Until then, we sadly have to wait for more information on a solid release date.