Sonic 2 HD, Fan Project Gains Trailer Showing Off New Graphics

If you are still craving Sonic gameplay content, a new game by Team S2HD sees the iconic blue hedgehog in HD with new graphics and animations. The fan project is currently in development, however to celebrate progress made on Sonic 2 HD the devs have posted a new trailer showing what the game has to offer.

Catching wind from publication site DSOG, running for one minute and 36 seconds comes a new video trailer showing the work of Team S2HD, which is Sonic 2 HD. The non-profit, fan made project seeks to bring back the classic atmosphere of the older second Sonic game with upgraded HD graphics.

I bet you are thinking “but, wait, isn’t Sonic Mania doing just that?” Well yes, but if you want to play this game DRM free and enjoy the classic Sonic 2 for free by fans made in HD, this project is your golden ticket. Additionally, some may like the new graphics while others may hate it, but what will stay the same in Sonic 2 HD is the core gameplay.

If you want to go fast you will be able to, if you want to explore like in the classic version you will be able to, if you want collect rings, emeralds or finish as fast as possible, all of those features will be present in Team S2HD’s Sonic 2 HD.

The new trailer that is featured on Sonic 2 HD YouTube channel lies below for your viewing pleasure.

If the project sees the light of day and isn’t taken down during development, I do wonder what the team will do from here on out? Seeing that this is a project to alter the graphics for the better (depending on your preference) and to make all animations smoother, will the team take all of this and apply it to older SEGA titles like Golden Axe or will they try to shoot for something bigger like Skies of Arcadia?

In the meantime, more information about this game can be found over on


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