Sonic Mania Denuvo DRM Cracked By CPY
Sonic Mania DRM Cracked

Torrents have seen a small influx of users spreading around CPY’s new ISO crack for Sonic Mania. The verified rip has been spread across the peer-to-peer network, and it’s a tiny download at only 348MB.

The torrent for the cracked copy of Sonic Mania is currently circulating around the raging river parts of the interwebs, and as the screenshot depicts, the game is just under 400MB as an ISO.

If you get the cracked version of the game and mount the ISO to a virtual drive, the cracked exe will be available and you can apply it after installing the base game to your hard drive.

DSO Gaming is also reporting that it took CPY just eight days to crack the game after it initially released on PC.

There was controversy over the delay of Sonic Mania on PC because many felt as if Sega may have been purposefully attempting to delay the game to add Denuvo’s DRM to the package. It turns out that those rumors may have been more true than anyone would like to admit.

The DRM was present and gamers eventually had to hex edit their way through the game’s always-on DRM measure, which prevented gamers from playing Sonic Mania offline on PC.

Denuvo is still employed by many AAA publishers despite the fact that the PC gaming community have done nothing but complain about it. It’s a sad market reality where publishers oftentimes attempt to appease investors by adding in DRM to protect the first eight week of sales for a game. Crackers, however, have been getting faster, better, stronger, and harder when it comes to bypassing DRM. This has resulted in them being able to produce cracks even within the coveted eight week sales period on which investors and shareholders hedge their profit margins.

On the upside, PagodaWest and the rest of the indie collaborators who worked on Sonic Mania were not at all fond of Sega’s insistence on using DRM, and some of them spoke up on behalf of the community about remedying the situation, especially for people who don’t want to “taint” their computer by going into the devil’s digital den of devious deeds, where files flow like raging rivers amongst the perpetual tide of consumers copulating their connections to commit copyright fornication.

Anyway, the always-on DRM bypass is available along with an exe crack. Hopefully Sega will look into providing a legitimate patch to remove Denuvo for PC users.

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