Sonic The Hedgehog Tribute Album, Sonic BeATS, Now Available

Sonic BeATS

The Materia Collective announced that Sonic BeATS is currently available for purchase from the iTunes App Store, Bandcamp, and Spotify. The album contains a variety of funk-variations based on the Sonic games both past and present.

Funk Fiction has composed a series of catchy funk-related tunes based around Sonic The Hedgehog. The new album contains 18 different tracks, with some songs stretching across multiple acts.

It’s not just a collection of songs remixed based on Sega’s most popular mascot, it’s also about journeying into a new region of sound and combining it with an existing palette to create something entirely new. In the press release, the artist explains what sort of influences and beats helped shape the artistic expression that molds the sound in Sonic BeATS, saying…

“In the same philosophy of evolution from the first two Sonic games towards the third, I wanted to apply the same maturation for Sonic BTS and ATS, this time, integrating external influences such as Yuzo Koshiro’s Streets of Rage, the French Touch flavor of early Daft Punk’s Homework & Discovery, and the rich, gooey, and supremely funky essence of Jamiroquai. This is the result of what you hear in Sonic BeATS.”

If you’re interested in listening to a sample of the soundtrack, there’s a quick two minute demo available on YouTube that you can check out below.

The music has a smooth funk presence overlaid with some of the more traditional sounds and beats that gamers might be familiar with from the Sonic series.

Funk Fiction has also worked with violinists Andy Studer and Bianca McClure, composers Brad Buxer and Falk Au Yeong, and electric guitarist Andy Tunstall, amongst various others, in order to help bring the album to life.

Many of the songs are from the Sonic: Before the Sequel album and Sonic: After the Sequel on SoundCloud and YouTube. However, Materia Collective decided to make the songs available as part of an album that has made the songs available for the first time ever in a compilation that can be purchased from iTunes, Bandcamp or Spotify.

You can learn more about Sonic BeATS by visiting the Materia Collective store page.