Splasher, 2D Cartoon Platformer Lands On PS4, Xbox One
Splasher Game

Playdius and developer Splashteam have recently released their side-scrolling platformer called Splasher for the Xbox One and PS4. The game is like a mix of Splatoon and Super Meat Boy.

You’ll have a variety of wacky weapons and devices at your disposal as you traverse through colorfully coordinated levels and vibrantly vivacious stages.

The art-style is themed after Saturday morning cartoons, and you’ll play as a purple-haired hero who goes into a paint factory to save the hapless workers from the evil boss named Le Docteur.

Splasher sports 22 different levels and a variety of unique abilities that you can unlock along the way in order to make use of the splash cannon’s full powers. You can check out the spastic launch trailer below that gives you an idea as to what you can expect from the recently launched platformer.

This looks like the kind of game that would be a speedrunner’s wet dream.

It’s tactically oriented and strategically designed so that you’ll need to exercise some serious reflexive finger techniques in order to overcome some of the game’s more challenging levels.

You’ll be able to switch and mix the different abilities of the splash cannon in order to scale walls, shoot down enemies, dodge, run, jump, or slide over traps, and ultimately defeat the main baddie.

As mentioned, the game is extremely reminiscent to the gameplay mechanics of Team Meat’s Super Meat Boy, but the splashing of the paint is almost identical to the likes of Nintendo’s Splatoon. I can’t say I blame them… they’ve managed to combine two really unique games into one.

If you were interested in picking up a digital copy of Splasher for the Xbox One, PS4, PC and Mac. If you’re wanting for another fast-paced platformer then the game may not be a bad way to go. You can learn more by hitting up the game’s official website.


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