Stable Orbit, Realistic Space Sim Graduates From Early Access On September 27th

Stable Orbit

Green Man Gaming Publishing and developer Codalyn announced that Stable Orbit is set to graduate from out of Steam’s Early Access phase starting September 27th at the end of the month.

The game originally entered into Early Access last year on October14th, 2016. Slowly the developers added new content, stabilized the gameplay and improved performance and stability. The major content patches mostly included new modules that players could utilize, as well as new forms of research and development that would be available in the game.

The core of Stable Orbit centers around building your own space station that orbits around the Earth. The team took lots of careful planning and developmental care in making sure that they nailed the realism as much as possible with this space station simulator.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

As you level up and upgrade your space station, you’ll have to deal with system failures, managing supplies, and keeping your station in orbit. Progressing through the game unlocks additional modules that you can use to build and expand your realistic space station.

Flat Earthers will get pretty pissed at this game because it depicts a real-world 3D model of the Earth… and here’s a shocker for the conspiracy theorists: The Earth is round.

After dealing with that mind-blowing information, you’ll probably be interested in knowing that you can also play the game through a free-play sandbox mode, which will allow you to build out your space station without any of the limitations that are present in the simulation mode.

The game is currently available in Early Access right now for $14.99 over on the Steam store. The game’s price will increase when it comes out of Early Access, so if you were interested it wouldn’t be bad idea to get it before the price increases. Stable Orbit is also available over on Green Man Gaming’s website.

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