Star Citizen Only Has 7 Issues Left To Fix Before Alpha 3.0 Goes Live
Star Citizen Air Traffic Controller

The latest Around The Verse video from Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries popped up and it covers the last remaining bits of bugs that they need to stomp out on the development side in order to get alpha 3.0 up and out.

The near half-hour video starts with the Burn Down where they talk about the last remaining 26 must-fix issues that are keeping them from pumping out the alpha build for the backers. You can check out the video below.

One of the major bugs that gave the team problems was not being able to get out of the habitat in Levski. Once they discovered what the actual problem was and what was causing the bug, it turned out that it was extremely easy to fix and was resolved in a matter of three clicks.

Some major crashing was also occurring, and they needed to find what was causing the crashes. It turns out that it was a loadout bug where the player’s equipment was loading in and loading out properly on local machines but not on the networks. Some of the code for the player’s loadout was being deleted when ships would despawn, and it was causing a looping error that would eventually crash the servers, which is why it worked on local machines but not in the online environment.

They did manage to track it down and fix it by changing the parent code when ships despawn so that players can spawn into local or network runtime environments without worrying about the parent/child bug crashing the system.

The team is also working on reducing the crashing threshold, making it more stable across the different areas of Star Citizen, no matter what part of the game you’re playing.

Amazingly, the team managed to reduce the major blockers by 19, bringing the must-fix issues down to seven. That’s right, they’re now in the single-digits.

Previously it was estimated that alpha 3.0 would release on October 5th… and it kind of looks like that might be the actual window for the build to release, assuming there are no major hiccups that get in the way between now and then.

The rest of the Around The Verse episode covers the air traffic controlling systems, ensuring that there are measures in place to make sure every player can land at the station, that there are enough platforms available for players to land, and that the air traffic controller works in synchronicity with multiple AIs so that everything works smoothly on the landing pad.

Players may get to experience these features for themselves soon enough, once those seven issues get ironed out.


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