Star Trek Discovery Gets Picked Apart For SJW Agenda-Pushing
Star Trek Discovery

CBS’ new Star Trek: Discovery has managed to find itself receiving a lot of praise from typical media outlets pushing the “diversity” and identity politics agenda. Outlets like What Culture, Screen Junkies, and Angry Joe gave the show unabashed praise and adoration. They liked the Klingon designs, the cast, and especially the lead. However, others who have been willing to go more in-depth about the show and talk candidly about the identiy-politics laden plots picked the show apart for its SJW agenda-pushing.

For instance, The Dave Cullen Show spends 20 minutes breaking down what the show does different from other iterations of Star Trek, as well as the showrunners’ insistence on including current day politics into the themes and story arcs presented within Star Trek: Discovery.

And yes, the main character’s name is Michael Burnham. You would expect it to be attached to a 30-something white guy, but no… it’s the name of the lead black female character.

Dave Cullen sums up the review of the first two episodes by begrudging the fact that he’s had to deluge the quality of the review by not talking about its merits for writing or interesting characterization, but for the fact that the show itself devolves into the same kind of current-day agitprop involving identity politics, saying…

“I have to be honest: I hate the fact that I’m having to discuss this show like this – in these terms of race, diversity, and the lack of white people… particularly white men. It’s a toxic conversation. I would much rather focus on characters and the story (to be fair there isn’t much of either here).


“But the show is forcing me to do this because this is what the showrunners wanted. This is what they’re prioritizing. The Left is obsessed with identity politics, and when it’s on a cringe-inducing display it should be called out.”

Dave Cullen wasn’t alone in breaking down the show for its departure from the Gene Roddenberry lore. Red Letter Media also took digs at the show by saying that initially they didn’t know who the show was made for.

There were some praise given to the show on the visuals and cinematics, but they flayed the guise of Star Trek off the husk pretending to be Star Trek.

They were a little iffy on the Klingons, but they did like the albino Klingon.

They weren’t all that high-up on the characters either. Unlike the others who were playing into the agenda-driven pundits who have been giving the show props for its Social Justice Warrior direction, Red Letter lays it on the table, saying…

“I find that character [Michael Burnham] intensively unlikable.”

YouTuber Deus Ex Machino echoed the exact same sentiments about the main character, saying that she’s an absolutely horrible main character and that he hated her thoroughly for being obnoxious, starting a galactic war, not being very affable for viewers, and not having a very inviting personality. He sums up his issues with Michael Burnham in the video below.

It’s also interesting because on the other videos where the reviewers praise the show and the characters, they have received a lot more negative user feedback in the thumb ratings compared to the videos that point out the SJWism.

Some people are willing to give the show a chance while others have opened their eyes and feel as if the Social Justice Warrior elements have already detracted from any appeal or desire to watch it further.

Many Trekkies have resolved to acknowledge that they likely won’t be getting the fun-loving, high-brow space diplomacy featured in the older shows. Instead they will have to deal with a show that seems to want to put cinematic masturbation of J.J. Abrams’ directing style front and center alongside the current year’s hot-topic of identity politics.


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