Star Wars Battlefront 2 Will Have Ground To Space Battles In Single-Player

Before the cancellation of Star Wars Battlefront 3 it was promised that the game would have ground to space battles, something that was slightly featured in the original Star Wars Battlefront 2 game. As it stands now, EA and DICE seem to have added the feature in the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2, but it may not meet your expectations.

Before jumping into the juicy part of what kind of ground to space battles will be in Star Wars Battlefront 2 by EA and DICE, let’s take a quick look at another heavily fan requested feature present in the OG series that will make it into the 2017 edition.

In addition to the above request, Star Wars Battlefront 2 will feature AI controlled units out in space. This means that whilst flying around and about and carrying out your duties (on either side) you will be faced with player and AI controlled ships looking to help you or take you down.

The addition of AI controlled units out in space is to shake up the monotony that some players stressed their concern about regarding EA and DICE’s 2015 iteration/reboot of the Star Wars Battlefront franchise.

Now with that out of the way and on to the part regarding a topic that has been in discussion for a long time: ground to space battles. A lot of people really adored the notion that in a video game realm of Star Wars, one could simply fly a spacecraft to one point and get out and carry on an objective on foot. This was slightly seen in the OG Star Wars Battlefront 2 “Space Assault” mode, but was fully realized in the now canceled third edition.

EA and DICE have now added said feature in the game and is further explained in a video by Star Wars HQ.

You heard right, ground to space battles will be in the game, but only in the single player mode. This move, however, does not rule out that it won’t come later down the line as DLC or something (that is if you are into free or paid DLC) in multiplayer, but it does mean that players asking for the feature will soon gain access to it through single player.

You can look out for EA and DICE take on the Star Wars Battlefront franchise via the second edition come November 17th. The game will be available across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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