Sword Legacy: Omen, Turn-Based Medieval Fantasy RPG Coming To Steam
Sword Legacy Omen

Team17 and Firecast Studio dropped a new trailer for Sword Legacy: Omen, the upcoming tactical turn-based strategy game based on a gang of misfit warriors and vagrants coming together in order to recover the legendary sword, Excalibur.

The bloody-gory re-imagining of the tale based on the Arthur mythos has a pretty cool trailer that highlights how the game’s combat works and what the art-style is like. I was expecting another one of those grimy, dark, American-grit style medieval fantasy games where everyone looks like they lathered up their clothes in horse feces from a manger as if it were a palette from which to acquire colors. Instead, the game has a comic-book art-style that overlays the isometric gameplay.

Colors are muted where they need to be and vibrant to help make certain items, characters, and forms of violence pop out at the player. You can get a look at what the gameplay is like with the brand new trailer below.

In the trailer we get to see how some of the characters and their moves play out on the battlefield, including Uther, a knight who gets in close and must use a variety of sword attacks to weaken his opponents before executing the final blow; or Flint, the archer who can fire on multiple enemies whether they be in a row or spaced apart.

The combat is very similar to the grid-based attack system utilized in games like The Banner Saga, where different characters at different spaces can take advantage of their varying skillsets.

Not only can a character like Flint utilizes a bow and arrow set from long range, but he also has animals at his disposal who can perform melee attacks on his behalf.

Felix the priest is the healer of the group, offering healing spells and abilities, and some buff/debuff based attacks/skills.

Gwen is the thief of the group, enabling players to sneak past enemies and reach areas you might not be able to get to normally.

There’s a nice cache of playable characters, each with their own personalities and a lengthy set of different usable skills.

The animations are decent enough, mimicking the American-style of character animations featured in afternoon cartoons. If the story holds up as well as the combat, it might be a decent replacement for games like Baldur’s Gate.

You can keep track of development by visiting the Sword Legacy: Omen website.


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